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Chloe Jade Miller X HDL

I get a real buzz out of creating beautiful things. Whether that be going to my day job as a graphic designer, getting up and throwing together an outfit for the day, or creating a visual story through photography and styling on photoshoots – elements of creativity flow through my life. I take it with me everywhere. You might relate if you consider yourself a creative, or maybe it resonates in other ways, like cooking a really beautiful meal for yourself or writing a song you’re proud of. I work well in what I think of as ‘organised chaos’. I like to collect whatever inspires me in hopes of using it for future reference. My desk is usually scattered with...

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How To Use Vodka To Remove That Musty Smell From Your Vintage Clothing

Every wondered how to get rid of that stinky stanky mothball or body odour smell from the gorgeous 60s dress you just found at the Op Shop? Well honey I am going to share with you a tip from working in wardrobe on tours. I mean have you ever thought about how these big tours clean the bands clothes when they are doing back to back cities? I’m going to let you in on a little wardrobe secret… Cheap Vodka. Yes, you read right…cheap Vodka.    Go to the bottle shop and buy yourself the cheapest and nastiest bottle of vodka you can find and I mean the cheapest and nastiest vodka you can find. Keep the good vodka for...

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